With oceans and landfills overflowing with plastic, we don’t want to be a part of the problem. 

The Eco Gang strives to make a meaningful contribution by making sustainable personal care-products available for everyone. 


Arguably, bamboo is one of mother nature’s finest – and that is why we use it. Replacing dull plastic with fast growing, naturally antibacterial bamboo, we ease the transition from the old to the new. 



Rest assured, everything we do is backed by some of the world’s leading dentist’s. We take quality just about as serious as we take sustainability. 

Bamboo, being great and all, sometimes does not cut it. Hence, plant based materials will sometimes have to jump in to save the day.

These floss picks ensures a proper clean and conscience. With cornstarch as the base, packed in sustainable paper packaging, these will surely make the pick. 

Only the best will do. When it comes to raw material, we don’t budge. That is why our cotton swabs are only made of 100% sustainably grown bamboo and BPA-free cotton. 


Better altogether 

Are you ready to take the next step towards a sustainable future?

The Eco Gang AB
Stockholm, Sweden