Plant-based Toothbrush

Keep both your mouth and conscience clean with this toothbrush from The Eco Gang. 

For some, bamboo just doesn’t cut it.
That is why we went looking for the next best alternative.
The Eco Gang plant-based toothbrush has a handle made out of a mix of wheat starch and PP. The bristles are made of high-quality nylon-6 bristles. The packaging is eco-friendly, the box and inside wrapper are made from recyclable materials, and can be thrown out with organic trash.

We take quality just about as serious as we take sustainability!

Product type – Plant-based toothbrush with sensitive bristles
Formats – 1p Mix ; 2p Mix; 4p Mix
Material – Plant-based handle and nylon-6
Packaging – Recyclable cardboard, paper sleeve

35% less plastic

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Recyclable packaging

Developed by dentists

Bamboo Toothbrush 
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